Chrysalis is my fifth short film. The idea for Chrysalis started in 2014. I wanted to follow up the abstract and surreal structure of my earlier film, Elysian Fields (2013) and to continue developing the story about life and death, the theme of perseverance, metamorphosis and immorality. Going through emotionally tough times personally, I wanted Chrysalis to install hope and to reflect on many topics such as life’s purpose, the meaning of the universe, human desire to explore, the inner workings of the mind, consciousness studies, seeking enlightenment, understanding metaphysical, handling emotional pain and defeat. However the metaphysical quickly expanded to topics such as evil, dehumanisation, totalitarian governments, and environmental disasters.

The production started in 2015 March in tight collaboration with co-director and animation veteran, Mark Chavez, founder of Giant Monster, animation, arts and game company and with Joshua Tan founder of CRAVEFX- the best VFX studio in Singapore. Work on the film was conducted parallel to their hectic production commitment to other commercial projects over the period of a year and a half. The sounds and music were done by IMBA Interactive, led by Jeremy Goh.

-Ina Conradi